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COVID-19 Safety Plan

State and local officials are allowing kids to return to recreational activities in compliance with County, State, and Federal Health Recommendations. This means I am immediately available for lessons and small group activities! These activities include private clinics and after school sports camps.

Without the ability to test participants we must operate as if everyone has the potential to share infection. This means strictly following guidelines for distancing, protective equipment, and other activity-related recommendations.

We have a few tools to maximize safety including distance, protective equipment, and sanitizing procedures. I intend to make use of all three at all times to create a “triple-shield” against any possible risk. 



General Daily Safety Procedures:

  • Equipment sanitized before and after each use

  • Sanitize high-touch surfaces

  • I wear a mask during lessons

  • Hand sanitizer and disposable gloves available for use during activities

  • Sanitize hands before and after session, and as often as practical during the session

A Role for New Technology

  • Safety requirements are creating opportunities for coaches to explore new technology options to support training at a distance. If players own a smartphone/tablet, they should bring it to training sessions because we can use airdrop and other technology to analyze and share videos from a distance. I will have an extra tablet, sanitized before every session, that we can use if players do not have their own.



Special Restrictions for Group Activities

  • No groups larger than 10 will be allowed

  • Groups will be consistent for three week stretches

  • Parents will be required to attest to following restrictions related to cohorts and monitoring the health of their own child


Specific Safety Procedures for Hitting Sessions

  • Tee Drills:

    • Hitter and I will maintain distance - this is an opportunity for me to stand back and record video for the hitter to watch

    • Hitter responsible for putting balls on tee

    • Masks and disposable gloves will be used when picking up

  • Batting practice

    • I wear a mask when throwing to avoid breathing on baseballs

    • Masks and disposable gloves will be used when picking up


Specific Safety Procedures for Fielding Sessions

  • Fielding practice will be limited to footwork and fungo grounders & fly balls. We will avoid all close-contact activities and use protective equipment.

    • Players will wear masks and throw all balls into nets

    • I will wear gloves and a mask when hitting grounders & fly balls

    • Balls will be sanitized after each round of fielding if there are multiple players involved

    • Balls will be sanitized before each lesson


Specific Safety Procedures for Throwing and Pitching Sessions

  • Minimal playing catch in the foreseeable future. Masks will be worn and hand sanitizer used before and after throwing 

  • Most throws will be made into a net

  • I will keep my distance and record video

  • Video will be shared using technology that allows us to maintain distance (Airdrop, Coaches’ Eye, etc.)

  • Balls and turf throwing areas will be sanitized between lessons


Please book your sessions ahead of time. I am available for lessons starting immediately.

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