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Information and Resources

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Player Success Tools

Training Ideas

Home workout program: contact me for customized home workouts

Video-Analysis Options: contact me for analysis of your swing or throwing motion

Coach's Blog: Tips from local coaches

Arm Care

Tuffcuff: My favorite arm-care and throwing mechanics guide.

MLB "Pitch Smart" Guidelines: to help pitchers and coaches prevent arm injuries

Learn from the Pros!

Photo Gallery: See what the best players in the world look like at critical moments.
Video Library: Video breakdowns for curious players and coaches. 

Planning and Organizing Your Training

Forms and Worksheets: use these resources to maximize your improvement...

Player Self-Evaluation Form

Special New-Year's Day Self-Evaluation Form

Skill Development Tracker

Lesson/Workout Log

More coming soon....

Learn from the best...

try copying your favorite big-leaguer!

Picture gallery