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Private Instruction Options

Why take private lessons?

There is no better way to help a young player improve than quality private instruction! You have lots of options for private coaching, I believe I provide the best training in Marin for a few reasons:


  • This is my full-time job. I am a baseball coach before anything else, I am constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of the best baseball information, teaching techniques, and technology available to improve my coaching.

  • I am passionate about the process of teaching and learning. Nothing gives me more joy than helping a player learn something new or overcome a challenge!

  • I can still do it! I believe that demonstrating skills and actively participating in my lessons helps players learn - don't waste your time with coaches who simply play catch or sit on a bucket!


I was a shortstop and pitcher growing up and have played every position on the field. I can provide coaching in pitching, hitting, and fielding. My training goes beyond purely mechanical instruction and incorporate both mental and physical performance training.


Options & Pricing

Tips for Booking Lessons

Know your goals: How do you want to improve? - Self Evaluation Form available HERE!

Availability: Lessons available Monday through Thursday and Saturday AM

Commitment: Single lesson or Package?

First Time? Book a FREE EVALUATION!

Lesson Options
Book Online
Package Options
Booking Info
Online Booking
Free Evaluation
Standard Lesson: 45 minutes
Up to 2 players

The right amount of time to work on a single skill area (hitting, fielding, throwing/pitching) or a pre-game warm-up.

Single Lesson Price - $97

5-pack - $435 (Save $50)

10-pack - $770 (Save $200!)

Extended Lesson: 75 minutes
Up to 2 players

Longer lessons create opportunities to work on multiple skills or get deep into a specific subject.​ For hungry and passionate players, only! These longer sessions are best for advanced players, pairs and/or small groups (aka private clinic).

Single session - $175

5-pack - $750

10-pack - $1350

Private Clinic
3+ players

75-minute session for 3+ players


Bring together a group of friends for ​supplemental P.E. and baseball skills all in one package!


Booked upon request



"I have known Tad for 5+ years. He has coached both my sons, my older during his Frosh year in High School, and my younger in Travel Ball. In my opinion, Tad is a “5-tool coach” with immense knowledge of the game and passion for his players. Both my sons have different skill sets and Tad was able to identify their individual strengths and build on them while also helping them develop new ones. Very few coaches are better ‘between the lines” than Tad, but what’s better is how he builds confidence and character, both of which are essential to succeed in the game, and in life.”

Tiburon LL / Redwood High School Dad

My son has worked with Tad in private lessons and also group settings for the past few years, and I highly recommend him.  Tad manages to be both professional and focused, but also fun and encouraging.  I never worry that Tad is wasting time during lessons as he comes with a plan and finds a way to teach new skills or improve on technique in ways that work for my son.  My son leaves lessons and training sessions feeling that he has worked hard, learned something new, and increased his confidence.  He feels good about himself and has a plan for how to continue working on the latest skill.  Tad shows up to each and every lesson with a smile and plenty of energy and enthusiasm -- I believe that kids pick up on this and it makes them that much more excited to work with him. Overall, Tad is an excellent resource!

Tiburon LL Mom

Need a team?

I recommend that all my players up to age 14 play Little League and join Marin Baseball for any additional competitive experience.
For player 15 and up, your high school should have an off-season training program.
Email me with questions, thanks!
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