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365 Academy of Baseball


A better world through baseball

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About Us

Program Directors: Michel Rodriguez & Tad Finnie

We are a year-round, full-service, international baseball academy & community foundation serving

The Bay Area, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. 




Our program is build to empower young ballplayers to realize their potential using world-class baseball instruction, personal wellness programs, leadership and community development initiatives that teach principles, priorities, perspective and provide young people with security, agency, and opportunity, in order to help build a better world through baseball.

Complimentary Experience


Tad Finnie has a proven track record helping young players develop their skills and a passion for the game. He has extensive experience working with beginners after several years managing and leading large camps for Nike US Sports Camps & SF Giants. For advanced players, he specializes in throwing and arm care.

Michel Rodriguez is not shy about the fact that he wants to become the world's leading hitting instructor. He combines technical instruction with fitness and strength training programs, mentorship, and a network of resources to help promising young athletes achieve their goals. His students include advanced youth players, high school, collegiate, and professional players who work with him in-person and/or participate in his online remote training program. 



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